Meet Sarah Poynton-Ryan

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by “where to start”?

Has “success” ever felt out of reach?

Sarah Poynton – Ryan felt the same at the end of 2015. After getting married in September 2015 Sarah took stock on life and realised that she was not where she needed, wanted or deserved to be.

Having built up around £60,000 of debt since starting University through poor money management, Sarah needed to make a change. Sarah needed a strategy to bring in sustainable cash flow that give her financial independence and clear the debt.

Thanks to her 14 year sales and marketing career and support from her chosen mentor Sarah took just 6 weeks from starting the business to having her first property up and running. Since then Sarah has built a portfolio in Milton Keynes that generates £15,000 per month in rent plus a sourcing and packaging business that helps other investors build profitable portfolios. In 2016 Sarah sourced, packaged and sold deals generating £100,000.
She settled on Rent To Rent and on 23rd December 2015 she took on her first 5 bed Rent to Rent in Milton Keynes.


Discover 3 property strategies to make up to £5k per month from property in less than 6 Months.

Sarah has built a reputation as being “accessible” and “supportive” to those she works with and trains. Sarah has achieved incredible results and if you can relate to having “too much month left at the end of your money” then Sarah understands and remembers how you feel. If this sounds all too familiar then you are only 18 months behind Sarah and if you follow the 4 – step system that Sarah uses then you can achieve the same, if not better results. Start It, Source It, Secure It, Sell It!

Sarah sources a wide range of properties including rent to rent, HMO, serviced accommodation, BMV & Flips thanks to her online/remote processes that allow her and her team to source from anywhere for anyone. She has a 30 minute rule – deals further than 30 mins from her home she sells on to other people.

The Sourcing Made Simple system that Sarah uses works on the assumption that you have very low available cash to get started and will help you to source property to keep in your own portfolio or source property to package up and sell to other investors for a fee – or both! The Sourcing Made Simple system can be scaled up or down to fit with full time or part time commitment, and with your personal budget. You really can get started with a mobile phone, an Internet connection and a Facebook page if like Sarah you don’t have much to spend at the start.

Sarah's Courses

Sourcing Made Simple Course
Learn How to Source & Trade Properties Working From Home for Big Cash FeesBy Sarah Poynton-Ryan"I literally went from ZERO to[...]
Sourcing Made Simple
This course will show you how you can make a 6 figure income from sourcing property deals and selling them to investors. It will also show you how you can keep some of the deals for yourself to build your own property portfolio for long term passive cashflow as well as capital growth.

Sarah's Blog Posts

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What Our Students Say About Sarah

David MurrayDeal Sourcer

I’m flying at the moment!

I have already secured a HMO for an investor and builders going into quote on works next week, as long as all ties in I'm in the money.

Marilyn PriceDeal Sourcer

I have attended a number of courses run by Sarah and all have been of great benefit to me.

While getting her points across, Sarah always challenged my thinking and made me see past my self-doubt. I always walked away with fantastic insights and practical steps to take and work on at home.

We are very like-minded although completely different personalities. Sarah is so bubbly and unstoppable, it is hard to be reserved around her.

Elizabeth IbehDeal Sourcer

As a recipient of Sarah's training, I genuinely transformed from a complete beginner to closing deals on my own.

This may sound like this should happen anyway but most don't have the time or patience to fill in every little gap when packaging deals with landlords and agents. As a woman who was a mentee herself her very relatable story, digestible content and solid proof mindset makes it easier to use the content and win- because she did exactly the same not too long ago and has results to be proud of.

From everything to the motivational audio and visuals, to the regular question and answer segments to the live calling and feedback sessions grew my confident that Sarah is serious player who has the unique skill of teaching others too.

The thing is with Sarah is that you're met with a simple grafter who just used her time and her mindset to get results.

This makes everything about her so relatable as we will all probably start this business with next to nothing. I was attracted to her self discipline, hunger and her love for the business which speaks volumes in how she conducts her own business and as to why I listen to her over others because being the next success story is only inevitable.