Outsourcing Your Serviced Accommodation Business


Some people doubt that you can spend just an hour a week running a busy Serviced Apartment business but it’s exactly what I do.

It wasn’t always that way though as in the beginning I was doing everything myself, sourcing properties, shopping for furniture, staging the apartment, taking the photos, then listing them on the various channels, taking calls from guests.

The only thing I’ve never had to do was clean as thankfully I had 2 willing teenage daughters who wanted to earn some money!

Once I had 3 apartments though it forced me to get a proper cleaning company as my daughters could not be in 3 places at once and have them all ready to go by 3pm.

My solution was to hire a local cleaning company who I convinced to store all my linen and clean my properties as required 7 days a week. This was a game changer and I honestly remember feeling SO relieved when I knew I was no longer responsible for organising cleaning times. The cleaning team were able to just open up their Tokeet App and see all Check-ins and Check-outs for the whole month and sort out their own schedule.

Once I had spent a few months personally answering guest queries, taking payments and acquiring more apartments, I recruited a freelancer from the Philippines to take care of guest relations. She cost me $5 USD per hour and worked as was needed, usually amounting to just 10 hours per week.

For those of you who don’t know, the Philippines is a great place to recruit staff as they speak and write excellent English (albeit in American) are usually loyal and reliable.

I used some special time tracking software so I knew how many hours she had worked and I could even see here screen to what work she was doing at any given time.

When you have serviced apartments no matter how up together they are, I assure you that at some point an maintenance issue will arise such as a leaking tap, blinds falling down or something of that nature. DIY is NOT my forte and so I outsourced this to my Step Father who is fantastic at that kind of thing; retired, available and responsive too.

I then linked up all my staff using WhatsApp so they can all talk and sort problems out between them with me just watching the chats 🙂

So what does that leave me to do exactly? Well now and again I go in and check the reports in Tokeet (Apartment Management Software) to see how bookings are, I pay the cleaners invoices each week and sometimes I just login and charge a guest when I see a new booking because it feels nice 🙂

If you would like to learn how to do the same, then I invite you to take our extensive course that will teach you how to run your Serviced Apartments in an almost hands off way, just like I do.

About the Author

Jason is the owner of Home Apartments on the south coast of England and Serviced Apartments trainer for Online Property Courses.

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