Learn How to Source & Trade 
Properties Working From Home for Big Cash Fees

By Sarah Poynton-Ryan

"I literally went from ZERO to £100k in Fees in 1 Year"

You're about to discover how you can make £3000 - £5000 Per Deal Trading properties Using None of Your Own Money. 

Everyone knows investing in property is a smart idea, BUT not everyone has huge lumps of money in the bank to use for deposits to purchase property... 

This is exactly the problem that becoming a deal sourcer can solve. 

Learning how to find property deals you can sell on to Investors or keep for yourself is a priceless skill and one that's helped Sarah build up her own portfolio plus earn £100k in the process.

Sourcing property is the entry point to EVERY property strategy.... Rent to Rent, HMO, Serviced Accommodation, Developments, it doesn't matter. If you cannot source your own deals then you will have to pay someone to source them for you.

Learning how to be an amazing property sourcer will not only generate fees for you now but also deals for your own portfolio in the future.

In this life changing course, Sarah has put all her knowledge into making sourcing and selling property deals a SIMPLE process for someone with little or no experience in deal packaging. 

The Sourcing Made Simple Course answers all these important questions and much more..

  • What do you need to do to get set up legally to become a deal sourcer?
  • What's the best kind of deals to source, Below Market Value, Rent to Rent or Lease Options?
  • Where are the best places to find leads?
  • What should you say to a landlord to secure a property?
  • What kind of due diligence needs to be done before committing?
  • How do you vet potential Investors to make sure they pay your fees?
  • How can you use outsourced workers to grow your business?
  • How to find the profit in each property deal.

The course covers everything you need to know to rapidly start sourcing deals at will and make £3k - £5k per deal..

Introducing The Most Comprehensive Course on Deal Sourcing Available

Let's go into detail about the course thats going to give you the clear path you've been looking for to make life changing money without having to tie up huge lumps of your own cash.

In this first section of the course Sarah introduces herself and talks about the importance of the right mindset, so you understand her journey from being £59k in debt to achieving a strong 6 figure income using deal packaging.  

  •  How to handle the mental ups and downs of business
     Having the right mind-set is so important to a successful business and in this section you will learn exactly how to stay strong and focused right from the off.
  •  How to create goals and rewards for yourself
     There is nothing like a powerful emotional goal to drive you and your business forward and Sarah lets you know her own strategies on how to do this.
  • Learn how Sarah travelled the world and did TWO deals that paid for the entire trip.
    The beauty of this business is that it can be done from anywhere so if you enjoy travelling you are going to love deal sourcing.

This section starts with the basics of setting up your business to be fully compliant and creating win win deals for long term success.

  • Learn how you can earn large fees helping Landlords and Investors
    Deal packaging is about helping people in need, not screwing people out of money. Find out how to operate an ethical fair business right from day one.
  • Understanding the different types of deals
    Learn about the 6 different types of deals you can be sourcing for yourself or investors.
  • The importance of compliance when sourcing and selling deals
    There are some things you MUST do and some things you can do. Sarah will go through everything so you are fully legal and can carryout a reputable business investors flock to buy from.

  • Learn why you should have a mentor
    Sarah explains why she had a mentor and how you can use one to power forward your business from the start.

When you have a clear path to success laid in front of you it makes decisions easier and helps you reach your business goals much faster.

  • How to get your phone ringing with inbound leads
    Having enquiries from Landlords and Investors is the lifeblood of your business. Learn how you can use a Websites to bring in qualified leads 24 hours a day.
  • How to build relationships with your potential customers
    Relationships are vital to the success of your deal sourcing business. Use Sarahs tools and techniques to gain Investors trust to be able to quickly sell deals.
  • Outbound marketing designed to bring in deal after deal
    There are so many ways to get your valuable service out there to create a strong pipeline of deals to sell. Sarah runs through her favourites to save your valuable time.

  • How to find your first deal for free
    Find out where Sarah found her first deal and how you can too. It's a completely free method that she still uses today to generate £3k - £5k per deal.

Leverage the Internet to build your property sourcing business for you 24/7/365 using these powerful, proven strategies anyone can use without a degree in IT.  

  • Learn how to use 'Content Marketing' to bring in a steady flow of leads
    Use this powerful method of attracting Investor or Landlord leads to you for free.
  • How to use Social Media to build your brand and demonstrate your expertise
    Use this incredible, free way to connect with your customers and sell deals rapidly for fast profits.
  • How to use Pay Per Click to pull in leads on demand
    This is a powerful strategy and another way to put your message in front of buyer or sellers of deals at will.

  • How to build an email list to sell deals
    Email marketing is STILL the number one way most marketers sell their products and services and in Sarah's training she lets you know which email service provider you can use for free to get you off the ground.
  • Discover the new types of Media rapidly replacing the old ones
    Networking can be done online, people are switching off their TVs and watching YouTube. Find out how to use these new places to cheaply build your brand and business.
  • How to create your own Web presence
    Learn how to make yourself look like a well established brand by having you and your company online with your own Website and social media channels.

Making cold calls is something many people find very scary but with Sarah's training you'll be full of confidence and making as many calls as you can to reach your income goals quickly. 

  • Preparation is the key
    Sarah gives you her years of experience in cold calling to get you over your fears and controlling calls.
  • Learn the right questions to ask
    Knowing what to ask and how to phrase the questions could be the difference between getting a property deal or not. Each strategy requires a different set of questions too but everything is covered in this section.
  • How to handle inbound calls from a property owner
    Say the wrong thing and the call could end very quickly and your valuable lead disappears for good.

  • How to handle property viewings remotely
    Nobody wants to have to drive miles and miles up and down the country doing viewings so you need to learn how Sarahs makes sure a viewing is necessary and if so who to send to the viewing.
  • How to track your activity for maximum results
    This is a vital section of the training. Without tracking your calls, conversations and viewings you won't know what you need to do to earn the amount you want.

By carefully using outsourced freelancers and automation you can grow your business faster and spend your time on the essential things that make you big cash fees.

  • What to outsource and what not to outsource
    Let Sarah guide you into making the right choices about recruiting outsourced staff and have them doing the tasks that help build your business faster for you.
  • Where to find the best freelancers
    If you've never used a freelancer’s service before, don't worry. There are 2 main Websites where you can quickly find quality people to use for your business on a pay as you go basis.
  • How to manage freelancers
    Learn the best way to monitor the hours a freelancer is working for you, how to pay them and keep them motivated.

If you don't plan on keeping a deal yourself, then you need to sell the deal and cash in. In this section you learn exactly how you package a deal and sell it to a property Investor.

  • Learn the Investor due diligence process
    It's essential to your success that when you find a deal you are able to quickly monetise it by selling to a fully vetted property Investor.
  • Learn the 4 'proofs' you need to see
    It’s important you have the right identification and documents from your investors to protect yourself and remain compliant.
  • How to build relationships with Investors
    Sarah teaches you how to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships with quality investors.

  • How to price each deal
    Knowing how to price your deals so that they are both attractive to investors and profitable for you is an essential skill of deal packaging.

In this section Sarah teaches you how to properly analyse a potential deal both to ensure it's a decent investment and the best offer you can make for it. 

  • Watch over Sarah’s shoulder as she uses the deal analysis spreadsheet
    Analysing a deal is as simple as plugging in the figures and let the spreadsheet do the work for you.
  • How to research the average room rental rates for a Rent to Rent deal
    Knowing the true rental figure each room can obtain is the difference in making a profit or loss.
  • How to use the Purchase Offer Calculator
    This awesome spreadsheet will show you the true price you should be offering for any potential house purchase to have immediate equity.

Watch over Sarahs shoulder as she demonstrates how to do everything mentioned in the course so nothing is left out and you can start running your sourcing business with confidence.

  • How to find reduced properties
    Once you know how to find below market value property, you can start pulling in deals quickly from anywhere in the country.
  • How to find probate leads
    Most of the time family members who have been left with a parent's property don't want it. In fact they want it sold as quickly as possible so the money can be distributed according to the will. 
  • How to find rent to rent deals
    Perhaps the easiest strategy of all is to find properties that can be rented and used for HMOs and in this module Sarah shows you how you can find them for the fastest profits.


Start Learning Now, Risk Free

This is the Ultimate course on Deal sourcing and it's yours forever once you order below.

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    Sourcing Made Simple

    I must admit I was very hesitant at the very beginning, as you don't know who to trust but I would highly recommend this course. Yes you could probably trudge through weeks and weeks of information to get the same result but why do that when you can have the answers from someone that has done it before.... SUCCESSFULLY?

    Plus there is always a chance that you could miss something! The course is a great foundation of knowledge that covers sourcing... SIMPLY. I am really enjoying the course and it has armed with the tools needed in order to set up a compliant sourcing business of my own. Sarah is really responsive to messages and very easy to talk to, which adds even further value. 10/10. A great investment.

    Paul Chamberlain Property Investor

    Sourcing Made Simple

    Very detailed and really helpful. A good resource library that I can keep reviewing and revisiting.

    Would definitely recommend to others ?

    Emma Humphrey Property Investor

    100% Full Money Back Guarantee

    We are so confident that you will love our course that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training, simply ask for a full refund within 14 days. You can even keep all the bonus files.

    Your Instructor

    Sarah Poynton-Ryan

    Sarah took just 6 weeks from starting the business to having her first property up and running. Since then Sarah has built a portfolio in Milton Keynes that generates £15,000 per month in rent plus a sourcing and packaging business that helps other investors build profitable portfolios. In 2016 Sarah sourced, packaged and sold deals generating £100,000.


    Start Learning Now, Risk Free

    This is the Ultimate course on Deal sourcing and it's yours forever once you order below.

  • ​Full Online Course
  • Immediate Access
  • Questions answered by Sarah
  • Lifetime Access
  • Free Updates
  • Private Facebook Group
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    Sourcing Made Simple

    In this course Sarah showed me how to identify the right properties in the right areas along with how best to speak with the landlord on the phone to negotiate getting them on board as a customer.

    She goes into all the detail behind how to check figures to ensure that the deal stacks for everyone to be a winner. I truly believe there needs to be a win-win for all parties and this is clearly what Sarah believes as she shows you how to make a deal work for everyone.

    I’ve done a few training courses in the past, none have quite delivered to this level.
    For example, Sarah pushes you outside of your comfort zone and encourages you to do the things you’re most apprehensive about.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Sourcing Made Simple, and I look forward to working with Sarah again to make this dream of mine a reality!

    Justin Small Property Investor

    Sourcing Made Simple

    The Sourcing Made Simple course offered me everything others couldn’t. It’s a well structured online education that I can access when and where I want, at my own pace and there’s no time limit so it’s a resource for life! Real value for money.

    Mahen Boyagoda Property Investor

    100% Full Money Back Guarantee

    We are so confident that you will love our course that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training, simply ask for a full refund within 14 days. You can even keep all the bonus files.