Sourcing Made Simple

Make Life Changing Income from Trading Properties

This amazing course from Sarah Poynton-Ryan will teach you how to make a 6 figure income from sourcing property deals for investors. The first part of the course will cover sourcing in detail and understanding your legal responsibilities. There are many types of property deals you can source such as Rent to Rent, HMO’s, Serviced Apartments, Below Market Value and Lease Option properties.

Once you’ve found your property deal, the next part of the system is to package it and sell it to an investor for a lump sum cash fee of between £3,000 – £5,000. You can see that it won’t take many deals per month for you to be making way above the national wage and fro the comfort of your own home with little startup capital.


Discover 3 property strategies to make up to £5k per month from property in less than 6 Months.

Course Summary

The Sourcing Made Simple course is going to take you from knowing little or nothing about trading properties to being able to find and sell deals month in and month out for a regular, stable and large income.

32 In-Depth

21 Document

332 Minutes
of Content

14 Day Money
Back Guarantee


Sourcing Made Simple

The Sourcing Made Simple course truly is a complete ‘Sourcing Business in a Box’ - Absolutely everything that you could possible need to know about sourcing.

If you want to source, this course is a must buy!

Tina Walsh Property Sourcer

The Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be regularly sourcing deals and building up a list of investors who you can sell them to for an immediate profit. Everything is included from the video training to contracts, forms and example deal structures.

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Sourcing Made Simple

The Sourcing Made Simple course is easy to engage with, I am a visual learner and found the information useful and Sarah has a very upbeat voice.

It’s almost like being in the room with her which is ace. It gives you a detailed understanding of property sourcing and you get some great tools.

I would recommend it to those who have no understanding of property sourcing as a fast start guide.

Martina Foreman Deal Sourcer

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