Learn How to Start Your Own Serviced Apartment Business Making Thousands A Month

By Justin Whittemore & Jason West

"There's no quicker property strategy we know of to build cashflow."

You're about to discover how you can shortcut your way to Financial Freedom...

Justin and Jason are two successful Serviced Accommodation operators based in the UK and in this extensive online course, they will share exactly how they source, secure, manage and market properties; generating thousands of pounds profit per month, per unit.

The chances are if you’re reading this you realise that there is a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to make an AMAZING INCOME from Serviced Accommodation from your existing Buy to Lets or even from property you don’t own.

Bookings just like these can make a real difference to your life.....​

BUT……… It’s not quite as easy as you might think….. Here’s a few things you might not have considered:

  • Where IS the right location for a serviced apartment?
  • How do I get guests to book?
  • How much should I charge per night?
  • What Websites do I need to be on?
  • How am I going to stop double bookings?
  • What insurance do I need to have?
  • What happens if I get a bad review?
  • Where should I buy the furniture and furnishings?
  • How are the guests going to get access to the apartment?
  • Who is going to do all the cleaning and washing of linen & towels?

We could keep going but think you get the idea. It’s a fantastic business but there are things you need to do to make it a successful, stress free way to increase your monthly income.

Introducing The Most Comprehensive Course on Serviced Accommodation Available

Our serviced apartment course is going to give you a super clear path to building a successful accommodation business in as little as 6 Months.

In this section we focus on finding the right apartments in the right area to make sure your apartment business gets off to a flying start.

  • How to find the right area for your serviced apartment
    Get this wrong and you could end up paying out more than you bring in.
  • What kind of guest types there are and which ones to target
    There are several different types of guests but which ones are the most profitable and what kind of accommodation do they like?
  • How to find perfect serviced apartments using RightMove
    We show you how to go ‘shopping’ for ideal serviced apartments SAVING YOU TONS of time on wasted viewings.
  • How to find apartments directly from landlords
    You don’t just have to get your apartments from Agents, in fact if you can get to a Landlord directly you could get them even cheaper on a Rent to Rent.

Now we dig deeper into researching if the area and demand is there. This is how the professionals do it and soon you too.

  • How to research the demand for accommodation
    If you don’t know how many people are looking for accommodation in your chosen area you may as well close your eyes and stick a pin in a map.
  • How to know exactly what rent to pay per month on an apartment
    Pay too much a month for an apartment and you may just have signed yourself up to 12 months of pure misery.
  • The essential things to know about an apartment BEFORE you start
    There are several things you need to check before running a property as a serviced apartment - ignore them at your peril!
  • How to use some free online tools to research demand
    Using these tools could save you thousands of pounds by either not taking on a property that was doomed to fail or doing so at the wrong time of year.

In this section we show you how to set up an apartment for maximum success and tell you all the best places to buy furniture and furnishings.

  • The best ways to give guests access to your apartments
    Nobody wants to have a new JOB that involves getting out of bed at 2am to give your guests access to their apartment, so we show you all the ways for a guest to self check-in.
  • How to furnish your apartment to earn the most money
    If you don’t put the right furniture in your apartment for the right market you could be spending too much and losing bookings!
  • How to hire a cleaning team that do 80% of the work for you
    Get this part wrong and your serviced apartment business will slowly decline with damaging bad reviews and you’ll be in the apartments yourself with a mop and bucket.
  • How to get pristine clean towels & linen your guests will love
    This is a big part of your business and its important your guests only ever use perfectly clean, pressed linen but without you having to transform your house into a laundry!
  • How to get photos of your apartment that get bookings
    Photos are the BIGGEST reason guests choose to book with you so if you’re thinking of using your iPhone, think again.


Now you have your ideal apartment, fully furnished and ready to go you need BOOKINGS and in this section we train you how to get them in their hundreds.

  • How to get a steady flow of cash flowing in from the OTA’s
    Online Travel Agents are going to be your biggest source of bookings in the early days getting listed with all the right settings is ESSENTIAL to making your business a success.
  • How to seamlessly take guest payments and have the cash flow into your bank
    We show you the best payment providers to use with the property management software to grow your serviced apartments business.
  • How to make sure your apartments are listed across multiple Websites without having double bookings
    Your apartments need to be everywhere but how do you keep your availability calendars nicely synced up to avoid dreaded double bookings?
  • How to use Facebook to bring in a steady stream of direct Bookings
    Done right Facebook ads can bring in commission free bookings for an amazing ROI. Done wrong and you could lose your shirt and not get a single reservation.
  • The offline methods you may never have thought of to generate direct bookings
    You need to use all the different methods of obtaining bookings to build a long term success apartment business and these could potentially make you thousands per year.

The successful management of your accommodation business is SO IMPORTANT. This is the part of the strategy that most people fall down on and we’re going to teach you from masses of experience the best way to run a smooth systemised serviced apartment business.

  • What to do when a guest Checks-in
    We show you the way to make your guest happy and ensure you don’t get phone calls from a confused and annoyed guest.
  • What to do when a guest Checks-out
    Your guests has gone, your work is done right? Wrong. This is a crucial part of the operation and there are several things you need to do to keep the business running smoothly gaining 5 star reviews.
  • How to manage your cleaning team efficiently
    Your cleaning team need to know everything, late checkouts, new bookings, what the bed layout needs to be and more.
  • How to deal with maintenance issues swiftly for guest satisfaction and delight
    There are some very common issues that you need to know about and we run through them all so you will be prepared in advance and ready to keep your guests happy.
  • Planning Laws and Serviced Apartments
    Make sure your business is up and running with the right planning in place or risk a potential catastrophe.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to expand your serviced apartment business. In this section we explain the many different methods to increase your portfolio for maximum monthly profits.

  • The best way to manage your money
    If you start spending all that lovely booking cash that’s coming in day and night you could be in real trouble later on in the year. We show tried and tested ways to ensure your long term success in this business.
  • Where to find the best staff to outsource to handle almost all of your business for you
    If you do this business wrong, it becomes a job, if you do it right it’s a joy to behold and everything works like clockwork with your very own outsourced team.
  • Essential systems you need to have in place before expanding
    Growing your apartments portfolio is fine if your systems are working perfectly. If they’re not, you are going to have a multitude of problems and find things very stressful.
  • 3 different Serviced Apartment models that require little or no cash investment
    Not everybody has tons of cash to invest in their serviced apartment business and these 3 proven models are going to help you build up an impressive portfolio for little or none of your own funds.

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Serviced Accommodation Superclass

Jason’s Serviced Accommodation online training is great.

He gives everything you need to know to get started as well as going in to the more complex sides of the business and how to approach them without having to do all the work yourself.

Would recommend the online trainings as you can go back over things as many times as you want which is better than doing a 1 or 2 live training event as I feel you just don’t take it all in.

Mark Garner Property Investor

Serviced Accommodation Superclass

The online Serviced Accommodation Course is well structured and everything explained in simple terms. I went several property courses over the years, after one week we lose the momentum or forget most of the contents.

The great benefits on the online course I can revisit any time and save my time. Practical tips are very helpful. If anyone setting up the first unit my strong recommendation subscribe the course. Good value for the money.

Krish Silva Property Investor

100% Full Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our course that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training, simply ask for a full refund within 14 days. You can even keep all the bonus files.

Your Instructors

Justin Whittemore

Justin has been investing since 2001 and with one of the biggest portfolios of Rent2Rent, Serviced Apartment, HMO’s and Short Term Let units Justin is one of the country’s most sought-after property entrepreneurs and mentors.

He is proud to be an investor that trains not a trainer that invests and it is this real world, day-to-day expertise that has enabled him to grow one of the most successful Serviced Accommodation brands in the UK.

  • Property Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker
  • Being doing R2R for 9 years
  • 42 Serviced Apartments
  • Over 300 R2R units

Jason runs a growing Serviced Apartment business on the south coast and has been investing in property since 2006. Jason knows the Serviced Accommodation business inside out from finding suitable properties, to setting them up and marketing them online.

He has successfully systemised his business using Tokeet property management software and an outsourced guest relations team based in the Philippines for a near handsfree business.

  • Investing in Property Since 2007
  • £1.1 Million Buy to Let Portfolio
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Owner of Home Apartments
  • 17 Years in Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Jason West

Start Learning Now, Risk Free

Click the button below to get immediate access to the Serviced Accommodation Superclass

Full Online Course

This is the Ultimate course on Serviced Accommodation and its yours forever once you order below.

  • ​Immediate Access
  • Questions answered by Justin & Jason
  • Lifetime Access
  • Free Updates
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 6 Months Unlimited Coaching
  • Connect via Whatsapp, Messenger, Phone

Serviced Accommodation Superclass

The Serviced Accommodation course delivers plenty of content and is very in-depth. There is also a lot of documents to download which I found very useful such as terms and conditions.

All in all an absolutely fantastic course and if you're thinking of about doing Serviced Accommodation, do this course.

Lisa Hudson Serviced Accommodation Operator

Serviced Accommodation Superclass

All the details you need to setup and manage your SA Business - loved it!

Dawn McQueen Teal Grey & Mustard Property Ltd

The course has taken me from no properties at all, to 3 S.A apartments in 6 months!

The fact that I can keep referring back to it online when I hit a problem is ideal for me.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone with an interest in doing Serviced Accommodation, this course is awesome.

David Thompson Owner/Director

I have to say if anyone is thinking of taking one of these courses I highly recommend them.

I have been on a few courses costing three times as much with less value from some of the larger training companies.

The content in Jason's courses are excellent, well strung together and you can go back and listen to any lesson as many times as you like.

I had one SA unit at the start of the year and now have five with two more in the pipeline and this course helped me get there.

Jason is a great genuine guy and very active and helpful on the Facebook groups.

I have no affiliation to Jason or his business I'm just impressed and wanted to give those considering the purchase of the course of you from someone who has done it.

I am actually about to purchase the marketing course next.

Great course, Great guy, Great business, just go for it and follow it step-by-step.

Dave Baxendale Apartment Operator

100% Full Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our course that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training, simply ask for a full refund within 14 days. You can even keep all the bonus files.


Serviced Accommodation Superclass

The course is full of very useful material. There is information about the research, set up and marketing, basically everything you need to know about Serviced Accommodation from A to Z.

So if you are thinking about doing Serviced Accommodation then I would highly recommend this course.

Dani Durigova Kozena Founder at DUKO Investments Ltd

Serviced Accommodation Superclass

An absolutely fantastic course, really, really different to the traditional training classes that you attend. It closes the gap between a training course and action and the site itself is clear, concise and easy to use.

Well done Jason and Justin, pure genius and this is going to help myself and others in their property journeys for years to come.

Alison Plumley Property Investor

P.S.: NOW is the time to get started with Serviced Accommodation. It's market share is growing by the day and you need to be a part of it. HURRY before its too late.....