Rent to Rent Superclass

Use the Rent to Rent Property Strategy to Rapidly Build Cashflow 

This extensive course by Justin Whittemore will teach you how to rent properties and then sublet each bedroom to individual tenants creating an impressive monthly profit. It’s a simple strategy that has been used for years and Justin has successfully mastered it to the point where he now has over 60 properties and in excess of 300 tenants. There are many names for Rent to Rent such as Multi-let or Let to Rent, 

There is a lot to learn but this comprehensive course teaches you everything you need to know in a step by step structured way to get you from knowing very little about Rent to Rent to becoming a master. 

Once you have acquired a Rent to Rent property, its all about using systems to avoid simply gaining a new ‘job’ for yourself to be able to then enjoy financial freedom that for some, can take just a few properties.


Discover 3 property strategies to make up to £5k per month from property in less than 6 Months.

Course Summary

This course is designed to teach you exactly how to build your own Rent to Rent empire to build a solid monthly profit from properties you don't have to buy. 



6 Quizzes

331 Minutes
of Content

14 Day Money
Back Guarantee


Rent to Rent Superclass

Rent to rent training gave me practical knowledge that after having completing the course I applied within days.

Thanks to the course I have a better understanding of how to run a profitable property business but more importantly got the kick up the bum that allowed me to take action!

Stephan Doran Best Selling Author

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