MiniMo Masterclass

Turn Small Homes into Profit Power Houses

This property investing strategy is all about taking a fairly small property such as a 3 bed terraced house and turning it into a miniature HMO.
There are many reasons why having a smaller HMO make sense, one of them being that smaller properties are easier to source than the traditionally larger 5 bedroom HMO’s.
Also another advantage is that they are easier and cheaper to maintain due to the lack of Ensuite’s and less bedrooms. Having fewer tenants does not been a drastic reduction in profits either; in some cases you could be earning up to DOUBLE what you would for having the property as a vanilla buy to let.

Julian Maurice has been quietly perfecting the MiniMo strategy for some time and has built up a nice portfolio of profitable well design boutique MiniMo’s with happy tenants.

In the MiniMo Masterclass online course he shares everything you need to know to set up your own profitable MiniMo HMO so you too can enjoy great rental yields.


Discover 3 property strategies to make up to £5k per month from property in less than 6 Months.

Course Summary

In this comprehensive course with up to 7 hours of pure vide content you will learn exactly how to source, refurbish and market your MiniMo to bring in excellent monthly cashflow without having to spend a fortune on property alterations.

12 In-Depth


7 Hours
of Video Content

14 Day Money
Back Guarantee


Property Investors Guide to Refurbishment

Fantastic course! Something of a rarity; most courses concentrate on high level inspirational case studies that get you excited about how much money can be made from property but none of the real nitty gritty on really how to get it or what is actually involved. Including pitfalls. This covers a lot of great stuff.

Nick Ee Property Investor

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Property Investors Guide to Refurbishment

I'm very proud to now be at the stage where I am dressing my first HMO this evening after a 2 month complete refurb.

It's been a long slog, but delighted with the end product and so happy that many design decisions were effortless thanks to Julians guidance and manual.

Jacquiline Corden Property Investor

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