Rent to Rent

Rent to Rent Property Strategy

This is a very simple way of effectively creating property arbitrage. You rent a house from a Landlord and then rent out each individual room yourself to other tenants. The difference between what you charge in rent for each room and what you have to pay for the house is your profit. This can be anywhere from £500 – £1500 per month.

One of the most desirable parts of the Rent to Rent strategy is that you don’t have to have keep putting in massive cash deposits and go through a long arduous buying process in order to add to your portfolio. You can simply keep renting more and more properties and in the process you are able to provide much needed and more affordable accommodation to working professionals or Local Housing Association tenants.

In summary Rent to Rent (sometimes referred to as Multi Let or Rent to Let or Let to let) is a scalable property strategy that can be used to build a monthly income from property without having to buy.


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Courses In Rent to Rent

Rent to Rent Superclass
This is the most detailed step by step course on Rent to Rent from one of the UK's leading experts, Justin Whittemore. Everything is included in the course to give you the knowledge and skills you need to be able to build an excellent monthly income by renting properties and turning them into HMO's.