Deal Packaging

About Deal Packaging

This is a powerful strategy to build an income from property by sourcing property deals and then selling them to investors for a lump sum finders fee. You can earn anywhere between £3,000 – £5,000 in fees per property deal so it doesn’t take many to replace a full time income. 

The kind of deals that are sourced by deal packagers are Rent to Rent, Below Market Value and Lease Option properties and the fee commanded usually varies according to the length of the term. In the case of Rent to Rent or Lease options the longer term the better or the lower the price in the case of BMV properties.

The great thing about deal packaging is you don’t need a fortune to get started, just great training, determination and consistent action is certain to bring you financial rewards.


Discover 3 property strategies to make up to £5k per month from property in less than 6 Months.

Courses In Deal Packaging

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Why Do Deal Packaging?

Elizabeth Ibeh Deal Sourcer

As a recipient of Sarah's training, I genuinely transformed from a complete beginner to closing deals on my own.

This may sound like this should happen anyway but most don't have the time or patience to fill in every little gap when packaging deals with landlords and agents.
As a woman who was a mentee herself her very relatable story, digestible content and solid proof mindset makes it easier to use the content and win - because she did exactly the same not too long ago and has results to be proud of.

Marilyn Price Deal Sourcer

I have attended a number of courses run by Sarah and all have been of great benefit to me.

While getting her points across, Sarah always challenged my thinking and made me see past my self-doubt. I always walked away with fantastic insights and practical steps to take and work on at home.

We are very like-minded although completely different personalities. Sarah is so bubbly and unstoppable, it is hard to be reserved around her.